The Best Family Tree Gifts For Grandparents

The Best Family Tree Gifts For Grandparents

Wondering what to give your grandparents on a joyous occasion? It is quite tricky to figure out what exactly they want, but one gift a grandchild can never go wrong with is a family tree gift! The family tree gifts for grandparents are not only extremely heartfelt, but they will brighten up your grandparents day for sure. You can find some of the best family tree gifts in the market for extremely reasonable prices, and they are very warm, kind, and caring gifts to give to grandparents. 

The family tree gifts for grandparents work as a memory and can even be passed down later on as an heirloom. So, if you are looking to figure out what a family tree is, why the family tree gifts are so special, and what are the best family tree gifts available in the market - then keep on reading! 

What Is A Family Tree? 

A family tree, as its name explains, is a tree which indicates the bloodlines and generations of a certain family. Individuals also refer to a family tree as a pedigree chart and a genealogy chart. It is a structure which equips and enables individuals to draw connections between certain family members. It starts with the eldest people in the family, and then breaks down family units. Family trees are a great way to figure out who your ancestors are and so much more! 

For instance, a small family tree will have the mother and father, then connected to them will be their children, then for each child there will be a subsection with their children, and so on. 

What is so Special About Family Tree Gifts For Grandparents? 

Grandparents are kind, warm, and loving - they deserve the best gifts in the world. Now you could spend tons of money on a gift such as a perfume or jewelry, while that is a great gift, it will not be heartfelt. On the split side, if you opt for a family tree gift, it will not only be relatable for grandparents, but it will also bring back memories. Grandparents do not consider the monetary value of a gift, they look for meanings within gifts. What better way to give meaning, than to revive memories of family! These gifts go beyond DNA tests, and focus on the meaning of family. 

Additionally, it is a gift that will last forever. Thinking about getting some gardening gifts for grandma? Well, the gardening gifts will wither away - however, if you opt for a family tree gift, it is here to stay. If an individual opts for high quality gifts for grandparents, there is no way the family tree will lose its purpose. It will fulfill its purpose for a very long time. They can display the gift on their dressing table, in their living room, and so many other places. The family tree gifts are here to stay. Additionally, the grandparents can also make use of them to pass on to the new generations. This will keep families interconnected and new entrants in the family will know who is who. How great is that?! 

Best of all, family tree gifts come in such diversity that they are fitting for every type of grandparent. If your grandparents like classy chic items, you can get a family tree frame. However, if they are more moved by personalised items, you can create a family tree scrapbook for them. The options are endless. 

Top 10 Ideas For The Best Family Tree Gifts That Will Excite Grandma 

If you are looking to sweep your grandma off her feet and make her the happiest granny in the world, then opt for one of the gifts below. She will surely love it. Grandma and grandpa deserve the best! 

1) A Personalised Family Tree Necklace 

If your grandma loves bling, then this is just the gift for her. The family tree necklace is a gift that she can wear on a daily basis and treasure forever! The necklace features a delicate silver polish that will last for decades. Not only that, but the necklace comes in the shape of a tree and has names of family members engraved all around it. How sweet is that! You can add up to as many names as you like. This will bring tears of joy into grandma’s eyes for sure! 

2) A Family Tree Scrapbook 

Channel out your inner creativity and make your adorable grandparents a sentimental scrapbook. This is a book which will make them nostalgic with every single page that they flip. The purpose of a family tree scrapbook is to highlight the family members in your family tree and include monumental photos of very important moments in their lives. Grandma and grandpa will be very proud to see such successful and touching images of all their children and grandchildren’s milestones. 

3) A Genealogy Blanket 

Let’s face it, grandparents do love to take naps and sleep a lot. So, what better way to make their naps even more comfortable than to get them a family tree blanket! The blanket features a tree-like graphic around which names of significant family members are printed. This is a warm and touching gift which every grandparent would adore. Not only that, but it is extremely functional because they can wrap themselves up in the pedigree chart for a cozy nap. 

4) A Tree Shaped Picture Frame 

What better way to celebrate family than to display pictures on the fireplace or hallway console table! Get your grandparents an aesthetically pleasing tree shaped photo frame where a picture of each family member can be hung. This gift is not only a cute accessory to add to your grandparents home, but it is also very light on the pocket, and an item which will remind them of family on a daily basis! 

5) A Personalised Family Tree Bracelet

Another great gift to get grandparents is a family tree bracelet, it is something that both your grandmother and grandfather can wear. For the bracelet individuals can go for a sophisticated silver finish or a glamorous gold coating, whichever they like better. The bracelet will feature names of all the family members and it is something that grandparents can actually use! 

6) A Pedigree Chart Mug 

Are your grandparents tea or coffee lovers?! If yes, then we know just what you can get them. Go for a printed family tree mug! This is a gift they can use on a daily basis and it will remind them of family with every sip of delicious coffee which they have first thing in the morning. The mugs come in numerous colours and sizes, catering to every grandparent’s needs

7) Traditional Family Tree Chalkboard 

All our grandparents are old school, so why not skip the modern day gifts and go back in time. Instead of opting for a contemporary design family tree frame, get your grandparents a chalkboard style family tree. Just like any chalkboard, you can write names using chalk, however to protect the writing the board comes with a glass cover. This way individuals can remove the glass cover to make changes to the family tree everytime there is a new family member, and slide the cover back on to protect the tree! 

8) A Family Tree Ring

Rings are used to celebrate a marriage, so why not use them to celebrate family too! Have you ever thought of getting your grandparents a family tree ring? They will love it, especially if they like to accessorize. The ring has a classic tree shape design with initials of each family member on the branches. You can get it customised too to change the colour or design. 

9) A Digital Album for Genealogy 

If you have grandparents who are tech-friendly, then get them a digital album of genealogy. You can add images of all the family members in your family tree and the images will keep changing automatically like a slideshow. This is an extremely interactive and personalized gift to give to grandparents. Moreover, they can even add or reduce images based on their own preferences later on! 

10) A Wooden Family Tree 

What better way to depict a family tree than on a bark of wood. Get your family tree engraved on solid wood, this is a gift that is sturdy and heartfelt. It will last decades and it also looks very appealing in a home. Your grandparents can trace back the family tree, enticing memories and making them nostalgic. 

Which Family Tree Do You Like The Most? 

Your grandparents deserve the best, so why not get them a tad bit sentimental with these memorable family tree gifts. We personally like the necklace one the best, which one is your favourite? You can always purchase a lovely necklace for your grandmother using the button down below! This will surely brighten up her day and be a gift she can use on a daily basis. So, what are you waiting for, checkout the wide variety of necklaces now.