The Best 90th Birthday Gifts for Grandma

The Best 90th Birthday Gifts for Grandma

A birthday is the anniversary of the day you were born. Birthdays are special, each year you get to celebrate another year added to your life. Reaching 90 is a great achievement which needs to be celebrated properly. There are many things you can do to make a 90th birthday special. 

Traditionally, in many parts of the world there is a set way of celebrating birthdays. You are given a party to celebrate where a cake is specially made for the birthday boy or girl. This cake is decorated by using your name and age and putting the same number of lit candles on to highlight their age. 

The person whose birthday it is must then blow out their candles in one breath and make a silent wish. Afterwards presents are given to the person whose birthday it is. 

But let’s get into what makes reaching the age of 90 so special. Keep on reading to know about the best 90th birthday gift ideas for grandma!

Birthday’s As Legal Conventions 

In most legal systems, a person becomes a designated adult at a certain age set out by the legal system within the country. This is usually between the ages of 12 and 21. This is when a person has a new set of rights and responsibilities that they need to now uphold and adhere to. 

The age of majority means that the individual ceases to be legally considered a child and would now assume full control over their persons, actions, and the decisions that they make. This terminates the legal control and responsibilities of parents and guardians over and for them. In most countries the age of majority is set at 18 but it can differ depending on the jurisdiction of a country. 

The Importance of Turning 90-Years-Old

Turning 90 is a dignified event. Many people don’t think they will reach the age of 90 and are often surprised when they reach that age. It is a milestone birthday which is celebrated every 10 years after turning 30. 

The colour purple represents wisdom, dignity, independence, and creativity. This is the colour to use when planning 90th birthday parties. Flower arrangements can be made from lilies, lavender freesia, and purple asters. 

Practically, milestone events can mean one of two things, they can either mean to reflect on the previous decade that is ending, or they can represent a new decade that is beginning. This has different meanings for everyone, and it depends on the person. 

There are various reasons why people should celebrate milestones, especially birthdays. Here are a few of the top reasons why. 

They represent a new beginning and a time for reflection

Scientifically, the tradition of blowing out a candle and making a wish on your birthday has a significant benefit for your life. By following this tradition, you are acknowledging that your old birthday has passed and that you have a new year to look ahead to and time to live life to the fullest. 

People understand that these are big birthdays

Milestones are birthdays that everyone collectively understands to be big birthdays. People plan around these birthdays as they only come around once every 10 years and make a big deal about celebrating them as they aren’t sure if they get to be around for the next one. 

We remember our own milestone birthdays above the others 

Out of all our birthdays, the milestone ones are the ones we often reminisce on and reflect on with family and friends. 

They honor aging with a celebration 

In a world where being young is considered a prize, we often fear getting old. We fear losing things of ourselves that hold value such as the change in our bodies, the deterioration of most of our healthy functions, and just the loss of energy. 

We fear having grey hair, developing old age diseases, and not being the old selves that we are used to. Events like celebrating huge milestones like 90 give people a chance to be honored for the life they live and for people to share their favorite memories and stories of time spent together while the person is still alive to enjoy the moment with them. 

These celebrations show we care and sets a positive example for the younger generation 

Celebrating these milestones shows kids that no matter how old you get, life is always worth celebrating and there are many things to be thankful for. It sets a positive example by showing them that getting older is indeed a blessing and should be welcomed as a good thing instead of looked upon as the loss of youth. 

Party goods and greeting cards reflect their importance 

When sending out these milestone birthday invitations, there is usually a variety of options to choose from that boldly state what the event is for compared to other birthday invitations. 

Plenty of birthday slogans for celebrating a milestone 

With the hype of social media, these birthdays are the ones that make it into pop culture with fancy captions and birthday themes. 

Tips On How To Choose The Right Gift for Grandma 

Choosing the right gift for grandma can be a tricky thing. You want the gift to be special and you also want it to be something that she will cherish for a long time. 

Your gift must show your appreciation for all that she has done for you and continues to do. 

Here are some tips you can use to find your grandma the perfect gift:

  • Make a list of all the things that your grandma is interested in and the things that define her as a person. Also, pay attention and read between the lines. She might talk about something that she really wants, doesn’t have or something that will make her life so much easier. After you have made your wish list for grandma, you don’t have to buy her everything that is on it. Just the ones you know she would really like. 
  • Look to the past- maybe she had a favorite toy growing up as a child or had an experience that she always reminisces on. A trip down memory lane can be a wonderful gesture. 
  • Be creative and do what she would do for your birthday gift. Knit her a scarf or paint her a picture. This includes a piece of yourself in the present and grandma will always cherish and be proud of your handiwork.
  • Be charitable – if there are any charities or special events that your grandma has been contributing to or assisting with, donate to the cause under her name. 
  • Always keep in mind that the thought really does count- You do not need to be extra in getting the most expensive gift. Something small and cheap will mean the same to your grandma as a big expensive gift. Given from the heart, there is no reason to outdo anyone when buying a gift for your grandma. 
  • Ask yourself what your grandma really needs – maybe you have noticed there is something that she does not have but won’t get herself. This is your opportunity to get it for her without her making a fuss about the gift. 
  • Make the present an event – wrapping a present and giving it to someone has become a timeless tradition, now instead of just watching your grandmother unwrap the gift, make it a fun and exciting experience. 
  • Give an experience – Gifts do not always need to be in packaging, book you a special night out for your gran, take her to dinner, a spa treatment, to the movies. Gifting her with an experience she will remember is more valuable than any gift you package.   
  • Do some stalking – although this sounds very sketchy, ask other family members if they know what your grandma would like for her birthday, or to find out if they are getting the same gift for your grandma. This way you can avoid giving her the exact same gift as everyone else and put more effort into making it a unique and thoughtful birthday present. 

20 Gift Ideas for Grandma’s 90th Birthday Gift 

Here are some unique gifts you can buy for your grandmother in celebration of her 90th birthday. 

A basket filled with gourmet goodies 

Grandmothers are known to be providing food and always preparing meals to feed everyone. A nice gift would be gifting your grandmother with all her favorite snacks. 


Chocolates are a sweet gift. These have positive properties that can help with grandmother feeling anxious or just wanting to sit back and relax. There are different types of chocolates that are suited for everyone. You can choose between dark decadent chocolate, white chocolate, or creamy milk chocolate. 

A personalized map 

Make your grandmother’s day by getting her a personalized to highlight all the places she has visited with grandpa can also serve as wall art where she can put this map on display to be admired by visitors. 

A knitting travel bag 

When you think of knitting, you think of grandma. Gift her a chic travel bag that will allow her to travel with all her creations and move around with her wool to knit some new things. 

A portable turntable for her to listen to old vinyl 

Although modern technology allows for easier downloads – vintage vinyl is a timeless gift. This will bring back great memories for your old yet young-at-heart grandmother! 

Cashmere travel wrap 

This lightweight wrap is comfortable and can be used for any time in the year. 

Pearl necklace 

This is perfect for the grandmother who loves dressing up and being elegant. 

An engraved watch 

You can buy a nice ladies’ watch and engrave a beautiful message on the back. 

A vintage puzzle 

A great pastime especially for those cold, rainy afternoons. 

Paint by numbers 

This gift is for the grandmother who loves art, she can paint beautiful pictures and hang them up to showcase her work. 

Heating pad 

If grandma has been complaining about experiencing discomfort and pain in her back this heating pad is the perfect gift to solve her problem. It gives comfort and warmth. 

Terrarium candle 

All grandmothers love having their houses carrying a lovely scent. Gifting a scented candle that she can light at any time and be reminded of you is an ideal gift. 

Family tree photo frames 

Gift your grandmother a family tree that she can use to insert pictures to build her family tree and put on display. 

Golden pearl earrings 

Grandmothers love pearls, instead of gifting the usual plain white or pink pearls, golden pearls are another choice of jewelry that your grandmother will appreciate. 

Fuzzy slippers 

This is a comfortable and snug gift to give your grandma. 

Personalized chopping board 

Since grandmothers spend most of their time preparing meals in the kitchen, a personalized chopping board with a personal message on it will be a great gift. 

Charm bracelets 

Add some charms of your grandmother’s favorite objects or personal items that represent who she is. 

A foot massager 

Instead of giving Gran a voucher for a once-off spa treatment, give her a foot massager to bring the spa experience to her home. Look for one that has a heating system that will soothe pain and relax your grandma at the same time. 

Organic fair–trade cotton sheets and duvets cover 

Gift grandmother with soft sheets which will leave her sleeping comfortably and is soft on her skin. 

Soothing lavender eye pillows 

This is a nice treatment to use for those tired eyes after watching television or using screens.  

What Will You Be Buying For Grandma’s 90th Birthday? 

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