Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Christmas is right around the corner and we all know what that means!! We need to get our credit cards out and start deciding on the perfect gift for our grandparents. However, you could always go for a homemade gift, more heartfelt and sentimental. This article provides you with different ideas to please your grandparents on Christmas Eve. Let's explore some of these best DIY gifts for grandparents, their pros, and their cons. 

The Top 20 DIY Gift Ideas For Grandparents 

Impress your loving grandparents with a self-made thoughtful DIY gift. Below are a few options of homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents that are extremely easy to make, but look like a million dollars! 

1) Photo Ornaments

Print out your pictures with your grandparents and connect them through a ribbon. Use a red color ribbon to connect them and hang it carefully on the Christmas tree. Your grandparents will adore this idea and these photo ornaments will make them feel special.

Pros and cons

The pros of photo ornaments are that they are inexpensive. They can be easily made at home as ribbons are easily available at home. This gift will also save you time.

A major drawback of photo ornaments is that they need to be placed very carefully because they are very delicate and the ribbon used should be strong enough to connect them. 

2) Salt Dough Handprints

Salt dough handprints are a wonderful gift to be given to your grandparents. These dough handprints will always make your grandparents miss you when you are not around. Add Santa's hats on these handprints to make them look more attractive and a perfect gift for Christmas. 

Pros and Cons

A major advantage of salt dough handprint is that the ingredients that are used in making them are easily available in the kitchen. Also, this is cost-efficient and time-efficient. A disadvantage of these handprints is that they need to be carefully monitored till they are fully prepared and take the shape of the handprint perfectly.

3) Handprint Ornaments

Handprints made previously can be combined through a ribbon to form hand Print ornaments. These handprints can be placed on the Christmas tree. This will enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree and make it look attractive. This will also please your grandparents because handprint ornaments are a very unique idea and are seen rarely.

Pros and Cons

This gift is budget-friendly yet very sensitive.

4) Handmade Cards

Through the use of different colorful charts, make cards for your grandparents. Express your love and gratitude for them. Hang these cards on the Christmas tree for them. Use colorful pens to express your love in words. You always have the option of joining these cards through a ribbon. Handmade written letters are always adored by the older generation. They live for such moments where their kids express gratitude and love for them in words. They will love this beautiful idea and read your cards often. 

Pros and Cons

The charts used in making these cards are cheap and easy to use. These charts can be obtained from any stationery store around you.

A disadvantage is that it may consume a lot of your time but this time is always worth it.

5) Photo Calendar Gift

A photo calendar gift is another amazing idea to be given as a gift to your grandparents. Make a handmade calendar and paste your pictures with your grandparents on it. Get the calendar stapled and give it to your grandparents.

Pros and Cons

This photo calendar is pocket-friendly but it will take a lot of time and effort to make the calendar. 

6) Photo Mugs

A photo mug is another cute way to express your love for your grandparents. A mug is used throughout the whole day; therefore, giving this as a gift to your grandparents on Christmas Eve will always make them remember you. Get your picture with grandparents printed on the mug and present them on Christmas. Tie a red ribbon on the handle of the mug which will symbolize Christmas besides the love symbol. 

Pros and Cons

A photo mug is always eye-catching. It will also save you time. The disadvantage is that it might be a little expensive to get the mug separately and photo prints separately.

7) Handmade Bands Using Ribbons

Take different colored ribbons and tie them together to form hand bands. Try using red and white-colored ribbons to match the Christmas theme. However, if you feel like your grandparents will like some other color for hand bands then you can always go for other colors.

Pros and Cons

Hand bands are easy to make at home. Colored ribbons are also available everywhere. A disadvantage for this hand band is that it will require you to look at various tutorial videos to make a perfect hand band in a perfect shape. 

8) Handmade Christmas Tree Napkins

Through the use of paints, you can make Christmas tree napkins. All you need to do is to have a plain white napkin and paint the Christmas tree on the napkin. You can then use a ribbon on the napkin to enhance its beauty.

Pros and Cons

Such napkins are easy to make and paints are easily available and present at everyone's home. A disadvantage is that you will have to look carefully after painting and wait for the paint to dry.

9) Wooden Spoons with Names Painted On It

You can present wooden spoons to your grandparents and paint the first letter of their names and your name on them. This will look very unique and whenever your grandparents will use those wooden spoons, they will see their first letters written next to yours. This will make them feel loved and special.

Pros and Cons

An advantage of this is that it is very simple to make. Everybody has paints in our homes; therefore, searching for paints isn't the thing. The disadvantage for this is that the color scheme for paints should make the letters visible enough to be read on the wooden spoons. A wrong color combination of paints can destroy the work affecting its visibility. 

10) Handmade Gift Box

Handmade gift boxes look very attractive and unique. To give it to your grandparents on Christmas Eve looks fun. All you need is to buy a simple box and then cover it with red and white crape paper. You can use a ribbon to tie the knot on the top to make it look more beautiful. This gift box will help your grandparents put their little everyday use into that gift box. They will always remember you while putting things in that gift box. 

Pros and Cons

This gift can be easily made at home; all you need to get is a simple box. This gift is also very pocket-friendly yet appealing. The disadvantage of such a gift box is that it will consume much of your time while preparing it. 

11) Paper Christmas Socks

Paper Christmas socks are another wonderful gift to be given to your parents on Christmas. All you need is glue, charts, fabric color, and cotton balls. Firstly, you have to cut the chart in the socks size and then you have to paint them in your desired colors. Keep it red according to the theme of Christmas. With the help of glue join these socks and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Pros and Cons

This is an easy step-by-step process and is perfect to be presented as a gift to grandparents. The materials used in the process are cheap and readily available. The disadvantage of Paper Christmas socks is that they will require much of your time. 

12) Santa Clock

A clock with the background of Santa looks like a fantastic idea. For this, you need to take a chart paper and give it the shape of a clock by carefully working on it. You can then paint Santa’s cap in the background to enhance the beauty of this handmade clock. Your grandparents will hang this clock on their wall and every time, they will look at the time, they will always remember you. 

Pros and Cons

This fantastic gift is budget-friendly just like other handmade gifts. The materials used in preparing this gift are cheap and available easily. The con of this gift might be too much consumption of time. 

13) A Chart Paper Christmas Tree

A chart paper tree is another amazing and simple gift to be given to your grandparents. You can make a large chart paper tree and place it on one side of your grandparents’ room. This work will require you to put in some effort to make a well-organized tree. You can adorn this tree with colorful lights to enhance its beauty and make it more eye-catching. What you need is several chart papers in green color to make the tree big enough.

Pros and Cons

An advantage of this tree is that the materials used in making the tree are easily available. However, the cost of this gift would be higher because it requires you to purchase multiple charts to make a big-sized tree.

14) A Homemade Christmas Cake

Present your grandparents a homemade Christmas cake. The recipe of the Christmas cake is just like the recipe of a plain cake. You need to have the essential ingredients that are used in baking a cake including baking powder, vanilla essence, flour, and eggs. After you are done baking the cake, you can top the cake with red velvet which will give it a Christmas theme. Your grandparents will value your efforts in making the Christmas cake and enjoy every bite of it.

Pros and Cons

The cake is easy to make, can be easily made in the oven. The ingredients used in the cake can be obtained from any nearby grocery store. Making such a cake is also non-expensive. The disadvantage of baking a Christmas cake is that baking a cake requires your proper concentration and time. 

15) Grandma and Grandpa’s Handmade Snowman

Make a separate snowman for grandma and grandpa and present them both together. Decorate the snowman with red and white ribbons and make your grandparents feel special. 

Pros and Cons

Making a snowman is highly advantageous because it saves your time, money, and resources. However, carefully place them so that the snow used doesn’t fall apart.  

16) A Grandkids Picture Sign 

Want to remind your grandparents that they have adorable grandchildren who love them a lot? then why not make them a personalized picture sign with pictures of yourself! This is a highly sentimental and memorable gift that is extremely easy to make! All you need is wood and glue, just make customized frames of wood and glue them together. 

Pros and Cons 

While making the gift is extremely easy, it can be very time-consuming as you will have to make individual frames for each grandchild! 

17) Personalized Pendants With Photos 

Which grandparent doesn’t like jewelry, are we right?! Rather than throwing money at an expensive necklace, make your grandparents a lovely and simplistic photo necklace. The materials you will require include a picture of you with your grandparents, and an acrylic necklace frame. Glue the picture into the frame and close it up, add it to a necklace chain and you are good to go! 

Pros and Cons

This is a great gift to give your grandmother as chances are she will wear a necklace, especially if it has been made by her favorite grandchild. However, if your grandfather does not wear necklaces, this might not be the best gift for him. 

18) Christmas Themed Bookmarks 

If your grandparents love to read books, then why not make them a personalized bookmark! The bookmark is very simple to make, all you need is some red chart paper, cut it into a rectangle and write a heartfelt message on it for your grandparents. 

Pros and Cons

The Christmas-themed bookmark is a great gift that your grandparents can use on a daily basis. However, considering that they are made from chart paper, chances are it will start ripping after ten to fifteen uses. 

19) Homemade Dish Towels 

Make your grandparents a hand-embroidered dish towel that they can use to wipe their dishes - it is unique and definitely sentimental. All you will need for this is a plain white dishtowel and a stencil of your grandparents’ favorite Christmas item. Place the stencil on the dishtowel, trace it out, and get to embroidering. 

Pros and Cons 

This is a long-lasting gift that your grandparents can use on a daily basis, however, you must know how to do basic embroidery to make this gift. 

20) DIY Photo Coasters

Melt your grandparent’s hearts by making them one of a kind, unique, and original photo coasters. Take a trip down memory lane and find the cutest pictures of you and them and scan them onto plain wooden coasters. 

Pros and Cons 

This is a lovely gift which your grandparents can use around the house and remember you every time they see it. The only downside is, you will need to buy a premade wooden coaster for the DIY gift. 

Which Gift Will You Be Making For Your Grandparents?

Our grandparents are very dear to us right?! Then why not make them a lovely handmade Christmas gift that will make their day. Channel in your inner creativity and make handmade necklaces, a personalized, gift and so much more. Then again, Christmas is near so better start greeting crafty now, or just place an order at our store. Check out our necklace collections now!