70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Grandparents

70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents have always been together since we can remember, always ready to spend the afternoon with their grandkids. Staying married for 70 years is a great example of what it takes to make a marriage work and what it means to honour a vow.  

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. It is a religious event. These wedding ceremonies differ between different cultures and religions but are a common practice worldwide. Most marriages follow the same setting when it comes to the ceremony, there is an exchange of wedding vows that the couple say to each other in front of their closest friends and family, where they make promises to each other for the marriage. They give each other wedding rings as a symbol of their love or they could use any other item of their choice such as flowers or personal symbols to represent their love and have the wedding officiated by an authority figure such as a priest, or judge. They sign a marriage certificate, and this legalises the marriage. 


After the wedding ceremony, a reception follows where the wedding party and the guests go to celebrate with food, music and enjoy the rest of the day in a joyful event. The honeymoon is a special holiday taken by the couple to spend time alone after all the celebrations. A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date that the wedding took place. Any wedding anniversary is an achievement as some marriages end up in divorce but being married for 70 years is a milestone anniversary. 

Various Types of Wedding Anniversaries 

There are different types of weddings that people can choose from when deciding to get married but they all result in the date you choose to have the wedding being celebrated as an anniversary in the following year. 

  • The White Wedding is a traditional wedding ceremony that can be a formal or semi-formal Western ceremony. This is the ceremony where the bride wears a white dress and a veil. 
  • The Civil Wedding is a ceremony held at a courthouse and presided over by a local civil authority like a judge and this ceremony allows for partners to be married without the need to convert to each other’s religion. 
  • A Destination Wedding- not to be confused with an elopement. This is a location-based wedding where the guests are invited and must travel to, to celebrate the wedding usually staying for several days. 
  • A Double Wedding is a ceremony where two engaged couples decide to get married at the same time. 
  • Elopement is where a couple gets married in secret without anybody present to witness the ceremony. 
  • Handfasting dates to the Celtic era, this is when people declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day as a trial marriage. 
  • A mass wedding is a ceremony where a collective number of engaged couples get married in a single ceremony at the same time. 
  • A micro wedding is a ceremony that has a small number of guests, it is planned, and people are involved throughout the preparation. 
  • A military-style wedding ceremony is conducted in a military chapel where one or both the bride and bridegroom are dressed in military uniform. 
  • A shotgun wedding is one where the man is reluctant to marry the woman but just because of obligation or being forced by the woman’s family or his own family due to a change in their relationship such as pregnancy, this is done so as to avoid a scandal breaking out when the pregnancy begins to show. 

Different Types of Anniversary Gifts According To Year

Each anniversary year has a specific gift that is tied to the year to celebrate another year of marriage. Here are a few years to give you an example of what each year of marriage has in store with regards to getting your spouse a gift. 

The year is broken up into 3 categories, theme, colors, and gemstones. 

Year 1: Paper / Clocks, Gold & Yellow, gold jewelry. 

Year 2: Cotton/China, Red, Garnet 

Year 3: Leather/ Crystal- Glass, Jade & White, Pearl 

Year 4: Linen & Silk (UK) Fruit & Flowers (UK)/ Appliances, Blue & Green, Blue Topaz 

Year 5: Wood/Silverware, Blue & Pink & Turquoise, Sapphire 

Year 6: Candy (UK) Iron (UK)/ Wood, Purple & White & Turquoise, Amethyst 

Year 7: Wool (UK) Copper (US)/ Brass, Desk sets, Yellow & Off-white, Onyx 

Year 8: Salt (UK) Bronze, Pottery (US)/ Linen & Lace, Bronze, Tourmaline

Year 9: Copper (UK) Willow, Poetry (US)/ Leather, Terracotta, Lapis Lazuli 

Year 10: Tin (US + UK) Aluminium (US)/ Diamond Jewellery, Silver & Blue, Diamond 

Year 20: China/Platinum, Emerald & Green & White, Emerald 

Year 25: Silver, Silver, Silver Jewellery 

Year 30: Pearl/Diamond, Green, Pearl 

Year 35: Coral (US +UK)/ Jade (US), Jade & Coral, Emerald 

Year 40: Ruby, Red, Ruby 

Year 45: Sapphire, Blue, Sapphire 

Year 50: Gold, Gold, Gold 

Year 55: Emerald, Emerald- green, Alexandrite 

Year 60: Diamond, Diamond-white, Diamond

70th Wedding Anniversary AKA Platinum Wedding Anniversary 

The list of what kind of anniversary gifts for each year of marriage dates back as far as the Middle Ages. With each year that passes in marriage the anniversary gift increases in value each year to represent the couple’s strength within being in the marriage. Among the monarchies, a platinum jubilee is a celebration that marks the 70th anniversary.  Some anniversary names provide people with the guidance of what traditional gift to buy for each other or to give to each other to celebrate the anniversary. These gifts can also be bought by family and friends that are invited to the celebration of this remarkable event. 

The 70th wedding anniversary is known traditionally to be the Platinum Anniversary. Platinum represents and celebrates everlasting endurance of love as the anniversary jewelry is made from platinum. The Smoky Quartz gemstone is a symbol of true love, purity, rarity, and strength just as a marriage that has lasted this long. It also represents the transformation of negative energies into positive ones. 

The gifts to be given traditionally should be made from platinum. This metal is rare and much more valuable than silver or gold. This is also one of the world’s greatest treasures that have been extracted from the earth. 

Platinum is also linked with luxury and prestige. It is a gift of elegance. It also represents integrity and truth. These qualities are associated with the color of the metal. Peonies that are the traditional flower gift for the 12th wedding anniversary have also been selected as the flower for the 70th wedding anniversary. This flower looks like a rose and is rich in symbolism.   

An alternative to buying platinum gifts is iron. Cast iron gifts can be substituted instead of buying a platinum and it also represents the 70th wedding anniversary as cast iron is slow to deteriorate and is long-lasting like their marriage. 

How To Choose An Anniversary Gift 

The occasion of gift-giving on a wedding anniversary had originated in the medieval period. During the time of the Roman Empire, husbands would gift their wives with a silver garland for their 25th wedding anniversary and a golden wreath for their 50th wedding anniversary. Anniversary gifts do not need to be only on the traditional side as modern-day gifts have also been assigned to each year of marriage as well. They have added flowers, as well gemstones that now represent each year of marriage. 

You do not have to follow the traditional way of gift-giving on a wedding anniversary. This serves as a general guide to help people and newlyweds in deciding on a gift.

You can also base your gift on a theme, it doesn’t need to be based on the modern or traditional themes but a personal theme between you and your spouse. You can celebrate the number of years you are together by the number of gifts you choose to buy for your husband/wife. 

You can also use a more personal approach by gifting them items to their likings such as a favorite sport, a hobby, or a subject they are interested in. 

List of 20 Great Gifts To Give For A 70th Wedding Anniversary 

Here is a list of great gifts that you can buy and give to your grandparents on their 70th wedding anniversary: 

  • Diamond Round Studs – This platinum-made set of earrings is a perfect gift for your grandmother, you can choose between ¼ to 2-carat diamonds in the earrings.  
  • Platinum necklace/chain – A nice petite pendant-style necklace for your grandmother or a plain platinum chain for your grandfather. 
  • Platinum silver hollowware - these are metallic crockery that could be used in the kitchen. 
  • Platinum album collection – This vinyl platinum album collection can be hung on their wall or put on a display stand.  
  • 70th anniversary engraved plaque- this is a unique gift that can be carved with a special message and can be put on display for everyone to see. 
  • Platinum jewelry for future heirloom – this gift can be handed down to the family members as an heirloom once the grandparents have passed on. 
  • Platinum reading glasses or sunglasses – These are chic-looking frames for glasses or sunglasses. 
  • Cast Iron cookware - Buying your grandmother cast iron cookware is an ideal gift for someone who loves spending time in the kitchen. These can cook almost anything, are tough, and have a non-stick finish which makes them easy to clean up after using. It even makes the food taste better.  
  • Iron statues or artwork – This is a good choice in gifting artwork. Iron is very durable and very stable, so you won’t have to worry about having your grandparents knock over the artwork and break it. This also means that the artwork can be left outside in the garden or on display on the patio. 
  • Iron mirror – A low–iron mirror is specially made to provide sharper reflections and clearer colors commonly known as a high-definition mirror. This gift is especially suited to your grandparents as their eyesight is not what it used to be, and a low-iron mirror can help them see clearly when looking into it.  
  • Platinum picture frame- This can hold the best picture of your grandparents and be hung on the wall for everyone to see. 
  • Decorative iron wall art – These are unique and different and can fill the space of a blank wall. The decorative iron wall art can last a long time if taken care of well. 
  • Iron bedroom furniture – Having a metal bed frame is perfectly safe for adults and children alike to sleep on. They also make for easy movement as they don’t need to be taken apart before shifting to a different space. The metal is very resistant to wear and can last a long time. 
  • Cast iron ovenware – Just as the cast iron cookery, ovenware serves the same purpose. No more worrying if grandma has put a glass bowl in the oven waiting to explode. This will help put your mind at ease when she’s preparing those famous family recipes. 
  • Smoky Quartz cufflinks – These are stylish and elegant cufflinks that granddad can wear on any occasion. They make for a great family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. 
  • Smoky gemstone beaded necklace- This beautiful necklace grandma can rock when out with grandpa to a fancy dinner, a church service, or even a birthday party. 
  • Smokey quartz pendant and earrings- This set can be gifted to grandma to be passed down to her daughters. 
  • Smokey topaz gemstone ring- Grandma can rock this new gemstone ring and can even prompt grandpa at renewing their vows. 
  • Pen with platinum detailing – This is a great gift for grandpa especially if he is a collector of vintage pens. The platinum detailing can be engraved and put on display.  
  • Platinum bracelets – You can add the gemstone in the form of charms and attach it to the bracelet. 

Other gifts that you could buy for your grandparents on their 70th wedding anniversary,

  • Lexington Chronograph Watch – This Michael Kors watch is a great gift for your grandpa, it is water-resistant which is a plus if granddad forgets to take it off while in the shower and has a strong face and won’t break easily. 
  • Museum tour and lunch – This is a gift both grandparents can do together, and even with the grandchildren, visiting a museum and then having lunch right after. This allows for some reminiscing and gives grandparents an opportunity to share their past with their grandchildren. 
  • For grandmother you can give her a luxurious spa treatment- this can include getting a hair treatment. 
  • For granddad you can give him a deluxe barber experience- this can include getting a face massage. 
  • Gift them a tea tasting experience. This is a good opportunity for them to try different teas and see which of the exotic blends they love. 
  • Book them tickets to a cabaret club for a night at the theatre. 
  • Signature perfumes and colognes. Gifting them these signature perfumes and colognes is an ideal gift as they are the only ones that wear these scents and are a special gift. 
  • A coffee machine and frother. This is an easy way to always have coffee ready.  
  • Metal Family Tree – This can be displayed on the stand that it comes with, or they can hang it on the wall. This frame can take 10 photos and can be arranged anyway. 
  • Give them a photo frame with all their grandchildren in. 
  • Personalized bed linen – embroidered with their initials on. 
  • Added to the bed linen you can gift them with a white goose-down pillow. This is a comfortable and elegant gift. 
  • An Island holiday- gift them an all-expenses-paid vacation to an island. 
  • Platinum Jewellery – this can be anything from bracelets to earrings to a new wedding band set. 
  • A jug set and glasses – great for summer afternoons in the garden. 
  • Create a book biography for grandpa. 
  • A Gardens tour – gifting them an afternoon of exploring different gardens.
  • A Leather Crossbody Purse – you can gift your grandma with a high-quality crossbody purse. 

Things To Do To Celebrate Your Grandparent’s 70th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrations are not only always about presents but presence, another nice gesture to add with your platinum gift is to host the occasion. 

  1. You can do a DVD presentation/ slide show

Gather all the images and sentiments that you can find and put together a slideshow for the couple and guests to watch while at the anniversary party. You can meet up with family, friends, neighbors, old work colleagues and gather all the information you can to include within the slideshow. 

You can also include their fondest moments and highlights of their lives together as well as before they met each other to form a timeline of how they came to be. You can interview everyone to get personal stories and find out what exactly makes their marriage so special. 

  1. You can recreate a scene

By recreating a scene, you can take your grandparents back to where they first met, find out if the place is still open and running and then you can host the party at the exact same place they had met. If not, you can find pictures of what the place had looked like before and change the location by still changing the interior to represent the real place. 

  1. Use diamonds as your decorations

As platinum is the traditional symbolism for a 70th wedding anniversary, use diamonds as part of your decorations to represent their marriage. Synthetic diamonds can be used as centerpieces on the table by filling glass vases with them. 

You can also use grey balloons to help get the full glitz and glamour effect you are setting as the theme for this occasion. 

  1. Extended family get-together 

Bring in people from far and wide to celebrate this momentous occasion. Your grandparents will love getting to see the people from afar in person, this gives them an opportunity to spend time with people they haven’t seen in a long time, and it also grants them an opportunity to make new memories. 

  1. Sign an Anniversary Card 

Get a big anniversary card and have everyone sign with a personal message for the couple, this can be framed and kept being reminisced on at a later stage. 

  1. Get an anniversary cake 

You can choose to use the same cake that your grandparents choose for their wedding day, chances are they haven’t tasted something similar in a long time and will bring back fond memories of their wedding day. 

  1. Host a game night 

In honor of your grandparents, host a trivia night about your grandparents and see who of the family knows the most. Prizes can be gifted to the winners such as a favorite recipe, a family heirloom such as jewelry items, or even an item that has been in your grandparent’s possession over the years. 

What Will You Be Doing For Your Grandparents' Anniversary?!

From the above list of gift ideas to buy for your grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary you can see that a lot of thought has gone into finding the perfect gift. Grandparents play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives. They are our fun parents, always ready to spoil and share their wisdom with us. Therefore, celebrating them is a must. Gifting them for their anniversary makes it extra special and it gives you an opportunity to show your love and appreciation for all that they have done for you. Gifts do not always have to be given but spending time with them is more than enough and will make them happy. 

Cardnecklaces have a variety of the perfect gifts that you can choose from to spoil your grandparents for their 70th wedding anniversary. They have different categories each specifically designed for any theme. Items such as bracelets, necklaces, chains, rings, and earrings can be looked over and bought.