15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Grandparents!

15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Grandparents!

Grandparents play an important role in our lives and are somewhat responsible for the type of people we grow up to be. In some cases, kids are even raised by grandparents. As they grow older and we grow up, the younger generation tends to look for other options such as putting their grandparents in nursing homes to be taken care of or having busy lives and do not find the time to visit them. However, that is not what we are about, we believe in rewarding grandparents with lovely gifts, so if you are looking to buy your grandparents a loving gift below are 15 perfect gifts for grandparents’ ideas! 

The Influence of Grandparents on Grandkids 

Before we get into the gift ideas side of things, why not look at why our grandparents are so dear to us! Here is a list of things that grandparents do that have a positive influence on our lives. 

  1. Guidance 

Grandparents are wise and can provide guidance on different aspects of life. They can offer different perspectives on issues of finances, how to raise your children, and even how to get through those difficult times in your marriage. 

  1. Stories 

They love telling stories, grandparents are fond of telling stories about their childhood or important events in their lives at a time when you haven’t been around or are too young to remember. 

  1. Assistance 

Grandparents are there to help, if they are retired, they can fill in to help with raising their grandchildren or even acting as a chauffeur between after-school activities and weekends. 

  1. Time 

By spending time with your grandparents, you can learn more about them, family history, heritage, and build a bond. 

  1. Stability 

Grandparents tend to be more stable and have gone through most of the challenges that you will face in your personal life. 

  1. Laughter 

They are also funny grandparents who are more carefree and fun to be around than your parents. 

  1. Ability to live with purpose 

Grandparents take each day as it comes and take it upon themselves to instruct the youth - or work in outreach programs to help young people live life to the fullest. Sometimes they mentor people to equip them with life skills to help them face difficulties. 

  1. Faithfulness

They show us what faithfulness is and how to remain faithful in difficult situations. 

  1. Unconditional love 

Grandparents show love unconditionally. No matter what you do wrong or if they aren’t happy with the choices you have made, they will still love and care for you as before. Grandparents have lived life long enough to know that people do not always do the right thing and require patience while they fix their mistakes and learn from them. 

  1. Spiritual legacy 

Your grandparents are usually the people that mentor you and act as role models for spiritual guidance. They are also the ones that take you to church and encourage religion to be a part of your life. 

The Best Gift Ideas For Grandparents 

It can become a difficult task to find gifts for your grandparents especially around a special time like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or even simply because you thought of buying them something. 

Here are 15 gift ideas you can decide on when looking to give them something. These gifts work well for any occasion and are not limited to one grandparent. 

  1. An electric kettle 

Grandparents love teatime, an electric kettle is a great gift since grandmothers tend to boil water the old fashion way on the gas stove. Find one with safety features, an electric kettle that has an automatic shutoff when the water has reached the boiling point to avoid gran forgetting about putting the kettle on, and one that has a soft–opening lid so that it prevents the sudden release of steam which can cause burns if not handled properly is the perfect choice of the electric kettle as a gift. 

  1. Matching Necklaces

Why not get on the twinning bandwagon and get your grandparents matching necklaces with a symbol that is meaningful and personalized. This will brighten up their day and make them feel special for sure. 

  1. Sunrise Alarm Clocks 

Grandparents either wake up early or tend to sleep in very late, give them a sunrise alarm clock to help regulate their sleeping pattern and they also get to wake up at the desired time and get the most out of their day. 

  1. Stitch Fix 

Long queues and waiting aren’t something grandparents have the patience for as they get older. Stitch Fix company offers clients curated clothing in a box that arrives monthly. This allows for easy online shopping and delivery without grandparents having to leave the house. 

  1. Custom Calendar 

Customizing a calendar is another great gift and serves as a reminder for all the special days you do not want the grandparents to miss. You get to include birthdays, anniversaries, school activities and events, and other special activities to ensure that your grandparents show up. 

  1. Hydroflask Water Bottles 

Grandparents can become forgetful with age such as forgetting to put things back into the fridge or leaving something to stand for hours. The hydro flask water bottle can help with this problem. Water stays cold all day, and it can also be used for warm beverages such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and can be kept hot for up to 12 hours. 

  1. Bluetooth Headphones 

Cordless headphones work great to have your grandparents forget that they are wearing headphones and get hooked onto surfaces as they are walking around. ‘

Bluetooth headphones also provide clear audio and can help cancel out outside noise to enhance the audio quality. 

  1. Jigsaw puzzles 

Great pastime and can range from 50 pieces to 10,000-piece puzzles. This also helps with cognitive functions such as memory function and can help stimulate the brain. 

  1. Digital Frame 

With everything being so digital there is no need to print out pictures and then put them in a frame to give to your grandparents. 

Aura digital frame has an email function that allows you to email the new photos to the frame and it will automatically upload to the frame. 

  1. Fitbit 

For active grandparents, a Fitbit watch can help them get in their steps to regulate blood flow throughout the body and help them monitor their blood pressure and heart rate. 

  1. Bird Feeder  

Another great pastime activity grandparents love to do is sit and watch the birds. Gift them with a bird feeder to allow them to feed the birds and give them water. 

  1. Emergency Kit 

As the grandchildren spend most of their time with their grandparents, an emergency kit will come in handy for those scraped knees and skateboard falls. 

  1. Paint by Sticker 

A fun activity for grandparents to do. 

  1. Heated Blanket with Dual Controls

Especially for those cold winter nights, dual controls mean that each grandparent gets to adjust the heat settings as they prefer. 

  1. Under Bed Lights 

Since Grandparents frequently get up during the night, under-bed lights can help them find their slippers and stay lit as they move around the room. This prevents tripping over bedside mats or shoes. 


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gift 

Grandmothers know what they want best. Here are a few choices grandmothers would prefer receiving as gifts. 

  1. Personalized gifts are on the top of the list - The more personal the gift, the better. Find a gift that is personally suited to your grandmother, something that she would be interested in being a hobby, artwork, or something made especially for her. 
  2. Gift Experiences - Grandmothers are still people who have their own dreams and goals, take them to see their favorite artist perform live, to see the latest movie, or even to try new places. Grandma’s love making memories, and this is one way to do it. 
  3. Fitness - As our bodies age, we need to take care of them properly and keep them healthy. Keep grandparents fit and active by signing them up at the gym or for some aerobics classes to help maintain fitness. 
  4. Donate - Instead of buying grandma an expensive gift, you can donate to a charity that is very special to her or start up a program under her name to assist the needy. 
  5. Spend time with her - Grandmothers do not always need physical gifts, spending time with her is gift enough, invite her over for lunches, dinners, birthdays, school activities, or events. 
  6. Gift of Travel - Grandmas are now able to travel the world and visit all the places on their bucket list, a paid holiday or weekend getaways is another great gesture. 
  7. Staying Connected - With modern technology on the rise, gifting your grandmother a smartphone will help her stay connected to her friends and keep tabs on her hobbies and other interests. 
  8. Always keep in touch - Although we have our individual lives, keeping in touch with your grandparents is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and to check in with them and get an update on how they are doing, and to find out what’s new in their lives. 
  9. Pamper her - Treat your gran to full-body massages, facials and make her a gift basket of self-care packages. 
  10. Gift cards - Gift cards are a great option if you are unsure of what to get your gran as a gift. Give gift cards that can be used in a variety of stores and that aren’t too expensive to purchase from so gran can get all she needs or wants without having to pay in differences or having to not get the gift. 

What Will You Be Getting Your Grandparents? 

These gifts are a great way to gift your grandparents with gifts that they will forever cherish and appreciate as you went the extra mile to think of the perfect gift. If you are looking to get them matching necklaces, check out the Cardnecklaces catalog!