20 Amazing 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Special Couple

20 Amazing 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Special Couple

Congratulations! Today is a very special day. It marks the 10th year of your marriage. It's also a good time to take a step back and look at how far you have come as a couple. You'll not only celebrate your anniversary but also the memories that you have shared together over the past 10 years. Another way to celebrate this day is to go out for dinner, which is customary on an anniversary, and eat an amazing homemade meal together with wine and cake.

You can even plan a surprise party for each other or make this day one of the most memorable days in your relationship by going on an overseas trip together. How will you celebrate your 10 year anniversary? Mostly to celebrate a 10 year anniversary, it is customary to give gifts. Giving gifts to the person you are celebrating the occasion conveys your care and love for them. For instance, if you are celebrating with your partner, you may want to get them something small like a watch or something bigger like tickets to their favorite concert.

Millennials are known for their creative pursuits, but when it comes to celebrating 10 year anniversaries, they're following the old-fashioned way as an anniversary is a time for two people to reflect on their marriage, but it's also an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the couple's longevity. You can make your anniversary more memorable by giving up some of your creativity in lieu of thoughtful gifts. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to gift your loved one, because we are here to help you. 

Top 10 Year Anniversary Gifts 

Following is a list of best ideas for a 10 Year Anniversary Gift you can give to your significant other!

Photo Frames

Personalized photo frames may sound weird and childish however, it is an awesome choice for a 10th anniversary. As you have pretty much experienced a lot of things in those ten years with her, why not gift her a memorable moment in the form of a photo frame. She will definitely love the thoughtful gift and will keep it close to her heart.

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine is the best way to refresh her mood, taking your significant other to a wine tasting will definitely make her happy. Most of the wine tasting tours are held in beautiful places so it would be perfect to spend time with her while sipping on her favorite wine on a beautiful evening.

Special Cookbook of Her Favorite Recipes

Women love food, which is why she will admire all the effort you put into a personalized cookbook of her favorite food. Each time she eats or cooks her favorite food she will be reminded of your love and compassion for her.

Him and Her Spa day

This will help you both bond, relax and enjoy the soothing effect of the spa. This will help her know that you care about her wellbeing and want her to relax as life is tough for women.

A Romantic Weekend Getaway

This will be a perfect gift for her as it will help you two to spend some quality time together as a couple. Take her somewhere she can relax. This will be a pleasant memory in the future together. If you want to make it more special, go out and engage in some of her favorite activities. Following are some of the suggestions:

  • Cycling
  • Going to the zoo

Personalized Stationery Set

Most women love art, and if your significant other is also a person who loves art then this gift will be a perfect choice. There are so many online stores that sell cute stationery and art supplies. You can also get them customized if you want. You can add the following things to your cart:

  • Set of fine tip brushes
  • Set of outline pens
  • Bucket of colors
  • Dry watercolor set
  • Oil paints
  • Canvas sets
  • Paint primer
  • Mod Podge

A Diamond Ring

As everyone knows diamond is a woman's best friend. A diamond ring will be a good addition to her jewelry collection. This will signify your love and care for her as you value them more than physical assets. Most women prefer diamond over gold, you can choose from various cuts of diamond available within the market.


If your significant other is not into diamonds or rings, you can opt for other jewelry options within the market. You can choose whatever your wife likes in terms of the material, from copper, aluminum, and silver. If your budget is high you can also opt for white jewelry. You can gift her the following jewelry.

  • Bracelet
  • Anklet
  • Necklace
  • Choker

Silk Pajamas

Silk is a relaxing and luxurious material, perfect for your loved one. It has many benefits for hair and skin health as well. Gifting them silk pajamas will help them have a comfortable sleep and get enough energy for the upcoming days. These pajamas are mostly stylish as well.

Personalized Travel Journal with Their Travels Over The Years

This is also a very thoughtful gift for your loved one. Within ten years you must have traveled to many places with your loved one, collect the happiest and interesting moments from each trip together and compile it into a cute personalized travel journal. Make sure to have a particular theme that compliments your relationship.

Concert Ticket

Gift her some of the moments she will remember all her life giving her a concert ticket of her favorite artist. If you want to make it more special you can give her company and enjoy good music and joy altogether.

Cashmere Shawl

There's nothing quite like cashmere, it is reliable and luxurious hence a perfect gift for your significant other.  This will keep her warm on the cold and windy days of her life and will remind her of your love on uncommon days.  She will definitely keep it with her as these shawls are very gorgeous and incredibly flexible.

Preserved Roses

Flowers may be old fashioned and you might not want to gift your significant other a bunch of common flowers on your 10 year anniversary. However, preserved roses are a good choice as they can last year and will make your significant other very happy as well. These roses come in cute boxes and you can customize the formation of flowers according to the taste of your significant other.

Make Her Favorite Dessert, Cake, or Pastry

Women love it when you put effort into keeping them happy and healthy, she will definitely appreciate your efforts. Take some time off and choose her favorite desserts, try to think about what you can actually make. Even if the dessert is not good tasting she will definitely eat it. this will be added to your happy moments' list.

Gift Card of Her Go-To Coffee Shop

Most women nowadays start their day with a good cup of coffee from their go-to coffee shop. Gifting her a gift card from her go-to coffee shop will make her remember you while she has her coffee every day for the next few weeks. This will be a wholesome gift for her.

A Favorite Movie To Watch Together.

After ten years she might not expect anything fancy or expensive, however you can gift her your undivided attention and love by organizing a private movie night. You can decorate your terrace and if you want to spoil her a bit you can rent out a small movie theater as well.

A New Book or Magazine Subscription

You can look into her emails and get her a fresh subscription to the book of her favorite writers.  She will be grateful and happy each time she receives a new book and will be reminded of you and your bond with her.


What more can be romantic than a good old scrapbook, collecting scraps of all the things she loves from her favorite food and her music taste. In addition to that, print out all your favorite photos together, get a bit artsy and she will feel touched.

Wedding Vow in Calligraphy

Gift her a beautiful reminder of how your journey started by gifting her your wedding vow as beautiful artwork. It will always remind her of the longevity of your relationship and all the good times you have spent together as a couple. You can choose various forms of calligraphy online as well.


Women tend to spend a lot on themselves when it comes to their day-to-day products. Why not help her out and buy her that one perfumes she loved but didn't buy because it was too expensive? She will love the fact that you remembered the brand went all the way to buy that for her.

Which Gift Will You Be Getting For 

To conclude all the above-given information, we hope that this will be useful for the readers and will assist them in finding the best 10-year Anniversary gift for their loved ones.