Make the experience exciting and empowering

Our mission at Card Necklaces is to change the world of gifts by making them unique and personal, empowering and exciting. Our gifts can be customized, edited, and turned into the perfect gift for your loved ones! Dedicate warm words that touch the heart along with the jewelry and blessing.

Give a gift to the people you love most

Why Card necklaces?

Card Necklaces represents a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift between you & your loved one.

We wish to help you manifest your love for those you hold closest, in the most elegant way. Our beautiful necklaces, displayed in a gift box with a message card, help you celebrate the moments you cherishโ€”forever.

We work closely with artisan jewelry crafters and designers worldwide to curate our online collections. Our commitment is to provide our treasured customers with affordable and timeless jewelry, each with its own personal story.